Such a good day!!!

So my birthday is tomorrow and it felt like today I bought a new car (Subaru legacy) I've always wanted one its older but in beautiful shape and I don't have a car payment!....I got it registered so after four longggg months i Can finally drive myself to the store! I got to work and my boss made me lunch and a caramel apple dessert pizza because I have the day off tomorrow AND the guy I bought my car from came down on the price but
His deal was he wanted his radio sooo mike took my car while I was working replaced my light bulbs got Me new wipers AND bought and installed a new CD player for me for my birthday...he made my day he doesn't an awful lot for a guy that didn't want a relationship me...he makes is super difficult not to fall for him


I have such a busy month or two ahead of me which I'm excited for because maybe I will finally get a chance to think about something other than Mike and our lack of relationship...he's all I think about and in so worried "will we end up together?" "Are we going to drift once Scarlett is born?" He's so scattered but I care about him more than I can even explain its been almost a year if this "just seeing eachother" nonsense I've never just seen a guy for a year if it was that long we were dating....I know I should let it go and to all of you I mus look like the Biggest moron but I never thought its be this hard to let go....lucky for me I have my birthday next week. two weddings,a christening, my baby shower, and my grandmas 90th birthday all in October and my other baby shower in nov than we hit the holidays and after the holidays I am due so once sept is over time will FLY by (I hope)

Dun Dun Dunnn

Ahhhh so Mike was just at my house and asked to meet my family....I did NOT think that Convo would happen espically not him initiating it....let me explain...I started seeing this guy around January of this year..we were never official or serious however we spent everyday together and we really liked eachother he "wasnt ready for a relationship" and in his defense for really good acceptable personal reasons so we never slapped on the title but be continued to see eachother...three months in I got pregnant and I found out around 9 was a really rough beginning we said some hurtful things..we stopped hanging out and barely talked unless we were fighting but the smoke cleared and he's been really great. I'm out of a car right now and he takes me everywhere he comes to my apts and my ultrasounds we talk daycare,names,money,custody all and every parent aspect and we even still see eachother romantically again so tonight he asked "when can I meet your family" and I'm scared!!! I know his cause they live in town but mine don't and they have this scumbag image of him and they don't think he deserves any participation in baby decisions but they don't have reason to he's really proven himself and since they've never met him they don't know that and he's not stupid he knows they don't like him off the bat considering the situation my family is oldschool and we aren't married and never dated so that's a Hugeee no no. So he wants to prove to them he's a good guy but I'm nervous it's not like I'm introducing them to my boyfriend so it's tricky!!!! I'm not quite sure how to go about this

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My nephew giving his cousin kisses!!!!

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!

Mike and I went to my 18 week ultrasound on wed morning and its official we are having a baby girl!!! I couldn't be happier!! I know mike was looking forward to a boy what guy doesn't? But he's DEFF warming up to his girl!!! Scarlett Grace will be arriving late Jan 2014 :) :) :) :)


I'm 24 and Expecting...I've always struggled with weight and dieting like I said in my pervious post but Id love to alter some things and just start a healthy lifestyle for baby and me :) Id also love to get to know some moms or moms to be and kind of connect and see what everyone else is going through!! I'm not exactly doing this alone however I'm not with the father romantically either and it really bums me out.. But I'm super excited either way and Id love to share as well as read about similar situations...I am 14 weeks today and I find out the sex in 2 more weeks!! It is KILLING us! I'm due Jan 29th and I hope it FLYS ;)....did you all find out what you're having? Or what do you prefer as far as gender? we are both rooting boy so badly but in the end I'm rooting healthy!


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