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Ahhhh so Mike was just at my house and asked to meet my family....I did NOT think that Convo would happen espically not him initiating it....let me explain...I started seeing this guy around January of this year..we were never official or serious however we spent everyday together and we really liked eachother he "wasnt ready for a relationship" and in his defense for really good acceptable personal reasons so we never slapped on the title but be continued to see eachother...three months in I got pregnant and I found out around 9 was a really rough beginning we said some hurtful things..we stopped hanging out and barely talked unless we were fighting but the smoke cleared and he's been really great. I'm out of a car right now and he takes me everywhere he comes to my apts and my ultrasounds we talk daycare,names,money,custody all and every parent aspect and we even still see eachother romantically again so tonight he asked "when can I meet your family" and I'm scared!!! I know his cause they live in town but mine don't and they have this scumbag image of him and they don't think he deserves any participation in baby decisions but they don't have reason to he's really proven himself and since they've never met him they don't know that and he's not stupid he knows they don't like him off the bat considering the situation my family is oldschool and we aren't married and never dated so that's a Hugeee no no. So he wants to prove to them he's a good guy but I'm nervous it's not like I'm introducing them to my boyfriend so it's tricky!!!! I'm not quite sure how to go about this

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