livelove_loseit (livelove_loseit) wrote,

Such a good day!!!

So my birthday is tomorrow and it felt like today I bought a new car (Subaru legacy) I've always wanted one its older but in beautiful shape and I don't have a car payment!....I got it registered so after four longggg months i Can finally drive myself to the store! I got to work and my boss made me lunch and a caramel apple dessert pizza because I have the day off tomorrow AND the guy I bought my car from came down on the price but
His deal was he wanted his radio sooo mike took my car while I was working replaced my light bulbs got Me new wipers AND bought and installed a new CD player for me for my birthday...he made my day he doesn't an awful lot for a guy that didn't want a relationship me...he makes is super difficult not to fall for him

Tags: 2014babies, jan2014, newmama, pregnancy, pregnant, via ljapp
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