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I'm 24 and Expecting...I've always struggled with weight and dieting like I said in my pervious post but Id love to alter some things and just start a healthy lifestyle for baby and me :) Id also love to get to know some moms or moms to be and kind of connect and see what everyone else is going through!! I'm not exactly doing this alone however I'm not with the father romantically either and it really bums me out.. But I'm super excited either way and Id love to share as well as read about similar situations...I am 14 weeks today and I find out the sex in 2 more weeks!! It is KILLING us! I'm due Jan 29th and I hope it FLYS ;)....did you all find out what you're having? Or what do you prefer as far as gender? we are both rooting boy so badly but in the end I'm rooting healthy!

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